Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Trying to occupy my mind

So, I've been a slacker lately.  Our summers are always crazy busy, and this one is no exception, but since it's so hot I just don't have any motivation.  Most years we may see a handful of days in the 90's, and that's usually in late July/August.  This year we hit 90 in May and have seen very little rain.  I know for people in TX, 90 is nothing, but up here we're not used to it.  Add to it 90% humidity and being outside is miserable.  I needed to find something to do to entertain myself, so as usual, in comes Pinterest.

I've been a member of Pinterest a little over a year, since it was in Beta mode.  I can proudly say I have done many of my pins, mostly with success.  I mainly use it for recipes, but have done a handful of DIY projects too.  We were at the farmer's market a few weeks ago and found a woman selling handmade jewelry.  I purchased a couple bracelets from her, which for me is unusual as I don't normally care for handmade jewelry.

Here's what I got (minus the blue braided one)

While I'm happy with them, and actually do get a lot of wear out of them, I think I paid $27 for the two of them.  So after disecting them to see how she did it, I decided that I can make my own for less money.  Off to Hobby Lobby I went last night, and $50 and a ton of supplies later I'm ready to begin my bracelet making.  Here are a few I pinned that I plan on trying out:

For the $50 I spent on supplies I figure I can probably make 100 or so bracelets.  I'll update after I make some to see if it's actually relaxing, or if I'm even more stressed out because I can't figure out the difference between an overhand knot, and a square knot.

Have a great week, and stay cool!

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