Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Slim (not so) supreme

Is the weather crazy everywhere?  Or just here?  I never remember being in the 90's in early June, let alone in May.  If it's this hot already I can't imagine what July will be like.  One of the things about being near Lake Michigan is it gets humid here.  Like, walk outside sweating immediately hair expands to 3 times it's size humid.  I'm always looking for ways to combat the humidity, mostly with no luck.  I don't have naturally straight hair, so I'm fighting the frizz on a normal day, add to it 90% humidity and forget it.

Kate over at The Small Things Blog talks quite a bit about Redken Slim Supreme.  She calls it a flatiron in a bottle.

I really enjoy her hair tutorials, and agree with a lot of the products she uses (she's a hair stylist so she knows what she's talking about).  Every time I went to Ulta they never had it though, finally this past weekend they had 1 bottle in stock so I snatched it up.

The directions say to use a pump on towel dried hair, and as needed on dry hair.  I usually use Pureology Shinemax, and MoroccanOil, so I skipped my usual regimen and slathered this on.  After drying my hair, I didn't notice any difference, it actually seemed a little poofier than normal.  I thought I would use it again after styling to really see.  The main thing I didn't care for is that it's runny, one pump was way too much, and I have a lot of thick hair.  After flatironing I put a little more on, and while it does have a nice smell, it didn't do much of anything for me.  I still had some flyaways, and my ends didn't look super smooth.  I ended up using a tiny bit of MoroccanOil (didn't want to use too much and look like an oil slick) to smooth out my ends.

I guess this is a good example of one person's favorite isn't for everyone.  It would probably be a good alternative if you didn't want to spend the $40 a bottle for MoroccanOil.  At $16.50 a bottle it's much more affordable.  I however, will be returning mine to Ulta.

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