Thursday, May 31, 2012

So Fresh

If you're not a fan of lipstick, but like a little color without the stickiness of a gloss, then the Sugar Lip Treatment from Fresh is for you. 

I first saw it in the Birchbox Shop in the color Rose.  Thinking $22.50 was a bit high for a lip balm I quickly wrote it off.  Not long after, BB put a deluxe sample size version in their box, and after seeing how many people were hoping it would show up in their box I thought twice about the price.

I ended up ordering the Plum color with my anniversary 20% off code, and I'm so glad I did!  The description from fresh is an ultra-nourishing tinted lip treatment that moisturizes, protects, and smoothes the lips while leaving a vibrant yet sheer rouge tint.  Let me tell you, it does exactly what it says.  Not to mention it smells great and has SPF 15.  Birchbox only carries these two colors, but I've seen it in honey, passion, coral, and clear at Sephora.  Oh, and are you a Sephora Beauty Insider?  If not, sign up now.  On your birthday you'll get a complimentary Fresh Sugar Rose Treatment!

Were you lucky enough to get a Fresh Sugar Rose in your Birchbox ?

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