Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Myglam is a sub that I'm not a member of.  However, since some people may not know about it, I thought I should add it to the mix.

Like Birchbox, myglam is a monthly sub.  $10/month or get a month free by paying upfront for a year for $110.  This sub is shipped in a myglam bag, so every month you get a different makeup bag.  Doesn't appeal to me, how many bags can one person need? 

While you fill out a beauty profile their website, it's stated in the FAQ's that your profile has no direct impact on what you will receive in your bag each month.

Now, I haven't gone back many months to see what has been in each bag, but to me, it just doesn't seem to hold a candle to Birchbox.  Here's what was in the May myglam bag.

2 brushes, a drug store brand Studio Gear lipstick, a perfume sample and some "nail bling".  I see the value of this bag at yep, $10.  When at the same time, I look at my Birchbox for May, where I received a full size Stila liner which is valued at $22 alone.  My BB value came in at over $50.  To me, myglam has far too many drug store brands included.  If I wanted a Freeman face mask I can pick one up at Walgreens.  However, the Algenist face cream from my BB?  That's something I would have to search out.  Add on top of that BB's points program, and in my book there's a clear winner between these two.

There's so many subs out there that this is one I just couldn't justify spending the money on, but hey they can't all be for everyone.  Want to check out myglam for yourself?  You can find it here.

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