Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jouer LMT

Jouer is a company that's new to me. I've seen a couple of their products in the Birchbox shop, and heard they had an exclusive BB color lip gloss awhile back. More and more people were talking about the Luminizing Moisture Tint on different makeup forums so I thought I should look into it. Ya know, for research. LMT, I would say, is along the lines of a beauty balm. It can be worn alone instead of a foundation, but isn't heavy.

Now, I don't wear foundation. I don't like to feel like I'm wearing makeup so I wasnt sure how I would feel about this. LMT comes in 6 different shades, and since I'm light/medium most of the year, but medium/dark in the summer I wasn't sure which color to go with. I emailed Jouer's customer service, and within an hour Whitney replied and offered to send me samples of the different shades, assuring me I would love it. About a week later a package came in the mail with 2 samples of each of the 3 shades i asked about, along with 2 good size samples of lip glass, and a lip enhancer, which she explained was more of a moisturizer.

  Really? I love this company already! So yesterday I'm trying to find a moisturizer in my stash with an SPF since I would be spending the day in the 97 degree heat on the back of a motorcycle and I hate putting sunscreen on my face. How is it possible that in all my products I have no moisturizer with SPF? (save for some expired befine from April BB but we won't go there). But wait, LMT is SPF 20, so it was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I opened the packet of the shade golden and emptied into my hands, slathering it on as if it were moisturizer, which you couldn't do with foundation. It went on super smooth, and only had a slight tint, but Luminizing it was. I don't have a desire to sparkle, I'm too old for that, but it had a subtle shimmer that surely would conceal any uneven skin tone or blemishes. It wasn't heavy, but I did feel like I was waring makeup, I'm also not used to it though so I'm sure it was just me. The best part?  After spending 8 hours in the sun, my face was the only thing that had no sign of a burn. That alone made it a winner in my book. Would I spend $38 on it? Probably not, only because it won't be a daily product for me. However, they offer a mini for $20 that I would absolutely buy. Once I decide which of the shades works for me I'll definitely be placing my order with Jouer.

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