Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Ulta haul

As I've mentioned before, I'm very lucky to have a friend who gifts me with Ulta Friends and Family coupons.  They usually come out every quarter, and I send them all over to my friends and family (like how that works?)  Her husband gets credit for people using them, so they're very generous with them.  The current discount days started yesterday, so I wasted no time heading to my local Ulta.  Here's what I bought on what I'm sure was only my first of many trips there this week:

First is the Pureology.
Pureology is the best thing I've ever done for my hair.It's expensive yes, but I can honestly say it's worth it.  That's Strengthening Control on the left, then Incharge, and Hydrate Shampoo.  It's all for color treated hair.  The hairspray isn't sticky or crunchy, and the shampoo leaves my hair super soft, not dry.  Regular price on these items are $9, $20, and $60.  That's a liter of shampoo, the smaller size is $28.

Next up, Redken Extreme Conditioner
I use this as a much cheaper alternative to Pureology.  I only use a tiny bit and it works wonders.  I'm not usually a fan of Redken, I always feel like it leaves a film behind on my hair which is why I only use about a dime size of this.  I use a purifying shampoo about once a week and it leaves my hair really dry, but if I follow it up with Extreme it feels just as soft as my regular shampoo.  Regular price is $33 for the liter.

I grabbed this shampoo just to try it because honestly, I liked the bottle.
Rusk Sensories Wellness shampoo in "heal".  Claims to restore and strengthen damaged, dry hair.  It has organic ingredients, and is 100% harsh chemical free.  It smells nice, but if I don't like it I have no problem returning it. $19.95 for 13.5oz.

I've been looking for a moisturizer with spf, so in comes Benefit.
The girl told me she really likes the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion with spf 15.  Instead of buying the full size at $28, I walked away with this cute little sampler of their skincare line.  I love most everything Benefit so I figured I couldn't go wrong.  I'm sure I'll go back this week to buy the full size though, it's really light and has a nice scent.  $24 for the b.right sample set.

I love Philosophy 3-in1's, when I saw this new set it was right up my alley.
Sweet Sips has 3 6oz bottles in it.  The scents are heavenly, orange pineapple smoothie, bananas foster ice cream, and cookies and cream. I always have a few of these on hand not only for myself to use, but if I need something extra to throw in a gift.  $25 for this set.

So, if we're keeping track my full price total would have been $190.95.  However, the Redken liters are on sale for $14.99, the Pureology shampoo was 20% off, and the Incharge was marked down to $14.99.  Add to that my 20% my entire purchase coupon, and $17 worth of rewards points for being a Platinum rewards member and I walked out at $116 tax included.  I'd say that's not bad since I won't have to buy shampoo or conditioner for about a year.  I'm planning on checking out the other store in my area later in the week for fun stuff like nail polish and makeup because a girl can never have enough right?

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