Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One love! One heart!

I get a lot of samples in the mail.  Usually at least 3 days a week there's something waiting for me when I get home.  Most of the time I don't even remember asking for them.  People don't realize that most companies will send you samples for free, or a minimal charge if you just ask.  Some will charge you postage/shipping, or some will charge around $1 per sample.  Sometimes it's worth it, and sometimes it's not.  Very rarely do I ever get so excited over a sample that I immediately go online to see about buying the full size.  Last night however, I was crazily searching the web trying to find where I can buy One Love Organics. 

I purchased their Discovery Kit for $3.95 late last week, and it came yesterday.  It comes with 5 single use samples of their line.  It says single use, but really I believe I'll be able to get at least 4 to 5 uses out of them.

It comes with a card that give an A.M and P.M. routine.  I shower at night so figured I may as well get started right away. 

The first step is the Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm.  It says to scoop a small amount of this citrusy smelling balm and apply it to dry skin using your fingertips, then wipe it off using the New Best Friend Skin Shammy.  I don't have a shammy (yet!) so I just used a wash cloth.  I was skeptical that this would take off any of my makeup, and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the white wash cloth was covered in makeup and whatever else was hiding out on my skin.

Next step is Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser.  This one is self explanatory.  It does say that you don't need to double cleanse every night, and can do it just once or twice a week as a "treat".

Third, tone.  Just splash some cold water on your face.

Next is the Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum. While your face is still wet smooth a couple drops of this over your face, neck, and the backs of your hands.  This has more of an earthy smell, reminded me of when I get a facial at the fancy spa, I love it!

After that you can use a tiny bit of Skin Savior if you feel like you need it.

I have to use a very light moisturizer at night or I wake up feeling like a greaseball.  This however, left my skin so soft and not greasy at all.  There was no trace of greasiness whatsoever. 

This morning I did part of the A.M. routine.  I didn't feel the need to cleanse again, so I skipped right to tone.  Next was Morning Glory Complexion Brightening Booster, again while face is still wet from toning.

After that, a small amount of Skin Savior.  I don't usually moisturize in the morning before putting my makeup on unless I know I'll be outside and need the SPF.  I just don't like the greasiness, even with a very light moisturizer.  This however just left my skin feeling smooth and wonderful.  It says you can also mix a bit of Skin Savior with your foundation, but I don't wear foundation so that wasn't needed.

The 5th product is Brand New Day Microderma Scrub and Masque.  I haven't used it yet, but it's a powder you mix with water for exfoliation, or honey (or yogurt) for a masque.  I usually do a good exfoliation once a week so I'll try this one out for sure.

Birchbox sells some OLO products, and I just got my 20% off anniversary code so I'll be buying something for sure.  OLO isn't cheap, but from what I can tell already, it's worth every penny. I even saw that some people use the Skin Savior with their Clarisonic, and I can imagine how wonderfully that would work.  I'm so excited about these products I'm going to hoard the Discovery Kits and hand them out to everyone I know!  I'm looking at buying the Essentials To Go travel kit, at $67 it'll hurt the bank, but it should last a good long time.

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