Monday, August 13, 2012

I'll trade you my string cheese for your brownie.

Remember in grade school when you would get something in your lunch that you didn’t want, so you’d try to trade it with your friend?  That was one of the best parts of lunch, until someone ended up with hepatitis and they outlawed it.  Awhile back I posted a picture of my sample drawer.  Remember this mess?
Well, it’s gotten even bigger, so much so that I had to abandon the drawer for a much larger storage box from Ikea.  It drove me crazy that I had all these products sitting around unused.  That’s a big ole box of money right there.  Granted I didn’t pay for most of it, but that’s beside the point.  That’s all changed though since I’ve found the world of trading. 
A few months back, I found when I was frantically trying to find out what was going to be in my June Birchbox.  And the answer is no, I can’t just wait and be surprised like everyone else.   The ladies on MUT are James Bond like in their spoiler hunting ways, I was home!  Besides all the spoilers, they have an entire part of the forum dedicated to trading.  My first trade was for a Fresh Sugar Rose lip treatment and Ada bronzer.  I sent her a perfume sample that I would never use, and a beauty balm that would spend its life in that box.  Next trade was another BB for an awesome lipstick and mascara.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
Trading is taking up a ridiculous amount of my time at this point.  Between looking at other’s trade lists to see if there’s anything I want, packaging, and going to the post office, my husband thinks I would be better off just buying the stuff I’m getting in trades.  Really though?  It’s a lot of fun, and I’m getting to message back and forth with some great girls who love this as much as I do. 
So from now on, when I get products I don’t care for in my Birchbox or Test Tube, it doesn’t even phase me.  Products I won’t use might be someone else’s HG.  To the trade list they go!

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