Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finally professing my love of the Clarisonic Mia

I bought the Clarisonic Mia about 2 months ago, and wanted to use it for a bit to see if it made a difference before I did a review on it. I purchased it from the Skin Store when they were having 20% off the entire site (they have this often so keep an eye out, there's currently 15% off).  I went with the Mia instead of the Mia 2 since I didn't really think the different speeds would make a difference for me.

Let me start out by saying that I'm really lucky that I have pretty good skin.  A break out for me is more than 1 pimple and I have no need for foundation, although I do enjoy the Jouer LMT for a nice glow every once in awhile.  That being said I didn't know how much of a difference the Mia would really make for me. 

I went with the coral color, which I thought was bright and fun.  The Skin Store had a lot more color variations than Ulta.

I've been using it with Purity, which has been my go to face wash lately, and only use the Mia at night.  While I haven't noticed a difference in my skin so much, I have noticed that I don't need to use a scrub as often.  I get pretty sweaty when I workout and by the end of the week my pores would usually be huge, so I use LUSH Ocean Salt to get that in check.  I find myself reaching for the Ocean Salt less often.  I also seem to notice that my moisturizer doesn't seem to sit on top of my skin, and is actually seems to do it's job better.  For me, the real test will be in the winter when I get very, very dry. 

Overall, I really like the Mia and will continue to use it.  Some people who use it have a "purge" stage where it brings all the gunk to the surface and makes them break out more.  I didn't have anything like that, but like I said, I'm pretty lucky with my skin.

Interested in buying the Mia?  Here's the link to the Skin Store where you can currently save 15% and get free shipping.

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